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Shortly after dropping crazy about Rentarou, she finds his book looks the greatest device to train on the

Kakure Meme [ ]

Rentarou’s eleventh girlfriend. Meme is actually a diminishing violet girl exactly who fades regarding their treatment for feel a great “background character”. She knits short plushies just like the a spare time activity. When stressed or embarrassed, Meme often quickly fade away right away and toss among these types of plushies in which she are standing as a means out of misdirection while you are she hides somewhere regional. Her loved ones label, Kakure, is actually a good pun toward Japanese keyword “to hide” (??).

Iin Chiyo [ ]

Rentarou’s 12th girlfriend and his awesome junior high school aged cousin. She’s got significant tidiness tendencies which leads to their unique bringing thus upset whenever some thing is messy or careless you to definitely she’s got to intervene and you can best all of them. She is the course chairman out-of their unique category this means that, but secretly detests the fresh large traditional they put-on their particular. In the event the she seems to lose their particular cups, their own stress was all of a sudden released and you can she becomes kauniita Intian naiset a crying disorder. If you’re Rentarou got his reservations against matchmaking their relative, even after understanding the future she would features if the the guy don’t undertake her, the guy relented shortly after witnessing their particular sincere, sheer confession. Their own father (and only parent) Hiro, Rentarou’s cousin, approves off her experience of your shortly after an earlier Rentarou immediately after pushed him off a racing truck, assuming Rentarou as an educated boy all over the world as the an effect. Their unique name is a great pun toward Japanese phrase to own an excellent president/direct panel chairman, iinchou (???).

Yamato Nadeshiko [ ]

Rentarou’s thirteenth girlfriend. Nadeshiko try an exchange teacher exactly who will get the brand new Japanese professor at the his school. She claims to getting Western, however in facts she is a natural-blooded Japanese and that’s merely obsessed with The usa. Because the an infant, her parents forced their particular knowing and you will uphold the newest behaviour regarding an actual Japanese lady, supposed as much as securing their particular during the good storeroom whenever she produced mistakes. Using one occasion, she receive a western flick, and you can abreast of seeing it, turned very inspired by the freedom American youngsters was in fact desired compared so you can her own upbringing one to she first started model their whole life and you will identity immediately after they, and this triggered her parents disowning their unique. She prefers to become named Naddy. Their name ironically relates to Yamato Nadeshiko, the latest personification off a keen idealized Japanese lady.

Yasashiki Yamame [ ]

Rentarou’s fourteenth girlfriend. Yamame try large and you may large than simply Rentarou’s other girlfriends, but is revealed because of the Rentarou as the a smooth soul just who loves character. Yamame are Iku’s classmate and you will a member of the latest school’s farming bar that’s overly caring to kinds of characteristics. Even the weeds one develop throughout the lawn are believed dear from the their own and you may she also generated the garden town for weeds. In her own youth, she always hate their unique large human body, however, just after enabling a baby bird to their nest, she turned happy with it as the she will be able to include and help away nature. Inside her prior, she seen a crazy fire and you can set-up pyrophobia since for example fires destroy vegetation and dogs. Shortly after Rentarou protected Yamame away from a flames comically developed by brand new school’s vice-principal, she admitted their particular attitude in order to Rentarou whilst is the first big date anybody got previously secure their unique. Their friends label provides the pun to possess Cutting, Sashiki(???) along with her offered identity literally means Slope Lady, dealing with their particular peak.

Momi Momiji [ ]

Rentarou’s 15th girlfriend. Momiji are Kurumi’s classmate and you may a skilled masseuse. Their own massage treatments puts their own subscribers to your your state off tall satisfaction, even in the event this is most likely because of their own handsy nature, saying that she enjoys this new “softness” away from a good woman’s human anatomy. Their particular dream is to try to be a greatest masseuse and you will privately massage gravure patterns. Their name is a pun to the Japanese phrase getting massage therapy, “momimomi”.