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The one word that has defined India is the past 50 years is ?Growth?. Real Estate has been in the torchbearer to this phenomenon. Reaping manifold more than what was sowed is the championing cause. Reports show that in spite of the recessive state that the world has been witnessing, Real Estate industry has made quiet bylanes on the path of assertive progress, escalating up to 14% annually.

Real Estate is India has been aided by both the Conservative view as well as the global, more modern outlook. Traditionally, investment in land or property has always been encouraged. It is almost an ingrained fact in the Indian mindset that owning a piece of land is the ultimate goal. This view has now been been accentuated by statistics that in turn bought in the attention of the global investors who want to grab their share of the pie.

India is the third most preferred country for foreign investors. Many major international companies like HP, General Motors etc are liaising with India and setting up ventures here. Ventures directly translates to Real Estate. As a result, construction industry has also been thriving as a beneficiary. It can safely be concluded that Real Estate is the fastest growing sector in our country.

For Residential Buyers

Property quality, right price, understanding individual requirements are the focus of Blueline INfratech while we help you find the right Home. Our database includes apartments, villas, gated communities and plots. Buying, leasing or renting ? your search ends with us.

End-to-end service provided to encompass all aspects like,

It could be a new apartment or an old, a villa or a bungalow, or even plots or gated communities. The names may be many but we know, each one will be a home that will house our valued clients and customers.

For Commercial Buyers
Our services include,

For Retail Giants
With the boom in the mall culture across the country, investing in a mall is the ideal solution to enhance your image and rake manifold returns on investments.

Our one-stop consulting plan includes,

For Corporates

We Focus on your core business and let us set up your office. We have a dedicated team working on customized solutions bases on the dynamics and the economics of your business space.

Our services will ensure,

For NRI Investors
NRIs have been accelerators of the economy boom by bringing in Direct Foreign Investments, especially in the Real Estate Sector. In recognition, the Government has also relaxed its stance on the FDI Regulatory policies. The time is thus right to invest in India.

With BluelineInfratech, you can trust us to,